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Shaklee Distributor has an Evironmentally Strong Interest in Green Causes

Meet Theresia Radtke

“Dr Shaklee’s Philosophy is in harmony with nature and good health and that philosophy was so important for me in choosing Shaklee as a company”

Shaklee DistributorAs a second generation Shaklee Business Leader, Theresia grew up as a Shaklee kid—using the products since age 12 and building her own Shaklee business since she was 22.

But a love for Shaklee products and an entrepreneurial spirit aren’t the only things she inherited from her parents. In Theresia’s home, parents and upline Business Leaders Dick & Linda Radtke (Executive Coordinators, MI) demonstrated a concern for the environment and the natural world that planted an early seed of interest. “I grew up in a green home,” says Theresia. “My mom bought our food from local co-ops and health food stores…so I was already exposed to the idea of living in an eco-friendly way.”

But it wasn’t until she went to Kalamazoo College in Michigan that working on behalf of the environment became her mission. “I didn’t know what I was going to major in until I got to college. But while I was there, I developed a passion for taking care of the environment and wanted to make a difference.” Theresia graduated in 2003 with a degree in biology and environmental studies and set off on a mission.

She began teaching at outdoor science schools where she helped kids develop a love and appreciation for the natural world through experiential lesson plans. “It was great…the forest was our classroom.” For two years, she lived and taught in Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming) and Big Bear (California).

At the same time, Theresia continued to develop her Shaklee business, and eventually she returned to her home state of Michigan and began to work Shaklee full-time. “Shaklee allowed me to offer people a way that they could make a difference for the environment through, simple, everyday choices.”

Back in Michigan, Theresia also worked in her local community around initiatives that supported environmental education and causes, including participating in her home town Earth Day fair, “Green Street”, as well as teaching in a nature-based summer day camp where kids came out to experience nature – with hikes and other interactive lessons. “I am excited to be a part of the changes happening in our community.”

Inspired by Ellie Rogers (Master Coordinator, MI), Theresia works with schools in the area to provide them with trees they can sell and plant as a fundraiser. Theresia also does educational presentations to students about protecting the environment.

The unexpected benefit of her work in the community is exposure to more people in the area where she lives and more opportunities to share Shaklee. “When you make a contribution to your community around something you are passionate about people get to know you.”

But Theresia is not finished. Like Master Coordinator Helene Bartz (Florida), who has used her Shaklee income to build a school for gifted children, Theresia has set her sights on a big goal—to start her own outdoor science school in her home state Michigan. “I used to wonder how I was going to fulfill this mission that I have to make a difference in the environment but Shaklee has been the vehicle that I was looking for.”

What is your Vision? What is your Big Goal in Life? You can make a Difference too. No matter if you’re just out of high school, entering into retirement, or anywhere in between…Shaklee can help you fulfill your dreams. Maybe it’s getting a college degree, or having a family and staying home with the kids, or pursuing something bigger in life like Theresia and helping others or making a difference in the world.

Click Here to Learn more about becoming a Shaklee Distributor

Click Here to Learn more about becoming a Shaklee Distributor

The Joy of Being a Shaklee 180 Specialist

Shaklee 180 Specialist – a Business Testimonial – Living the Real Dream

Meet the Hein Family

Shaklee 180 SpecialistDerek and Sarah have always had a vision for a different life. When they first got married, they wanted to be able to be at home with their children. “We didn’t want that American dream that’s out there right now, where you work 70, 80 hours a week, never see your family, and you’re part of that 50% divorce rate statistic,” says Derek.

But as with most young families, money was an issue. When they began looking for options that would give them the kind of life they were looking for, they kept coming back to Shaklee. “When Shaklee came along, it was an opportunity like no other. If you were willing to work hard, learn, and be coachable, you could be successful.”

So they began slowly and started to build, first using their Shaklee income to cover small, specific bills and then shooting for larger and larger expenses, such as house payments. Eventually Sarah and Derek would both be able to leave their jobs and work Shaklee full-time. “I was working part-time as a dental assistant, and our goal was within the first two months to keep me at home,” says Sarah. “Within two months I was making more than I was making as a dental assistant part-time. So that was very exciting!”

More than 16 years later, their Shaklee business has enabled them to fund a number of dreams, including purchasing an 80-acre property that they would eventually turn into an organic beef ranch. “Everyone is a dreamer deep down inside, they just don’t act on it. Shaklee was that gift that allowed us to act on our dream.”

Click Here to Learn more about becoming a Shaklee 180 Specialist

Click Here to Learn more about becoming a Shaklee 180 Specialist

*Results not typical…Individual results vary.
**Based on total 1099 compensation, the average annual income in 2007 for U.S. Business Leader ranks ranged from $11,223 for Directors working part-time to $563,009 for Presidential Master Coordinators. Of course, all results are based on individual effort and Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.

Shaklee 180 Smoothie | Healthy and Quick Breakfast or Lunch

Shaklee 180 Meal Replacement Info

Did You Know?

Drinking a Shaklee 180 Smoothee as a meal gives you all the nutrition you need in a healthy meal for under $3 per meal. Now lets say you prepared 5 oz. chicken, 10 oz. tuna, 4 eggs, 1 cup broccoli, 1 cup cauliflower, 1 cup pineapple and 2 cups of milk. Yes, that’s what you would get in a Shaklee 180 smoothie, but you would pay around $21 at a grocery store for all that and would spend a lot of time preparing it too…and we’re not even talking organic and healthy cooking tips, we’re just talking ingredients and time.

Now if you could prepare a delicious yummy Smoothie that had everything in it to live a healthy lifestyle and it just took a couple minutes to prepare…do you think you could skip a breakfast and/or lunch everyday and drink a healthy meal replacement with a Shaklee 180 Shake instead?

Shaklee 180 Smoothies are not just for people who want to lose weight either. Yes, they are a great option for people who want to lose weight, because you get a complete healthy meal with 24 grams of hunger fighting protein, 6 grams of fiber, powered by Leucine…which helps your body burn fat and keep muscle, plus 23 vitamins and minerals, Non-GMO soy protein, Low glycemic. (GI Value: 31), no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added, gluten free, lactose free and only has 260 calories when prepared as directed.

But remember…Shaklee 180 is not just for people who want to lose weight. Shaklee 180 Smoothies are also great for people who want to maintain a healthy weight, have a lean muscular body, a healthy lifestyle or are just looking to eat and enjoy a healthy quick meal…and believe it or not, some people take Shaklee 180 to gain weight…yes, adding a shake along with your meals will help people get some extra healthy calories as well. It sure beats grabbing breakfast or lunch in a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and you definitely will save money and feel much healthier…remember, healthy = happy : )

Question: How much do you pay for a healthy breakfast or lunch everyday?? Well if you answered over $3…then Shaklee 180 will save you money and give you all the health benefits that comes with a complete healthy breakfast or lunch. Great for people on the go too who don’t have time to cook healthy meals for breakfast and lunch! My high school son and college bound daughter are not over-weight, but they enjoy Shaklee 180 smoothies because they can mix one up in a couple minutes and out the door they go…and I can feel better knowing that they left with a complete, healthy meal in their belly that only cost me under $3 per smoothie! And their dad takes his Shaklee 180 Smoothie in the morning and a Shaklee 180 Meal Bar for lunch and has a Shaklee 180 Snack Bar when he gets a break…and he feels great and still has lots of energy when he gets home!

Click Here to try your Healthy Smoothie for just $3 per meal

Sophia’s Weight Loss Story Using Shaklee 180 Products

“Losing the weight was great, but best of all, my overall health improved!”

Sophia… is now 35 Pounds Healthier


Shaklee 180 Sophia Before

Sophia Before

Like most people, I had taken my health for granted, at least before I hit the big 4-0! After which point I began to physically fall apart! Not only was I heavier than I had ever been – even when I was nine months pregnant with any of my three children – but I had several health issues. Being overweight did not help my situation; in fact it made it worse, so I made it a priority to lose weight. I previously tried other methods and lost weight. However, not only did I eventually regain the weight, it didn’t look or feel the same – the weight I regained was fat, not muscle! After hearing an inspirational Shaklee 180 story, I decided to try the Shaklee 180 Plan. I used all the products and followed the program exactly as directed, without feeling like I was depriving myself. Three months later I was 20 pounds lighter!*

Shaklee 180 Sophia After

Sophia After

How exciting! But that wasn’t the end of my weight loss journey. I remained committed to the process, stayed on the program, and eventually lost over 30 pounds* from my starting weight.

Losing the weight was great, but best of all, my overall health improved! The Shaklee 180 Program was truly a “Cinch!” I now have a new lease on life and I’m often told that I’m an inspiration for others to follow. Thanks to the Shaklee 180 Plan.

*Results not typical. In a preliminary clinical study of the Shaklee 180 Plan, participants on averaged lost 15.4 pounds in 12 weeks.

Click Here to Start Taking Care of Yourself…it’s the Best Decision You can make for Yourself and Everyone around You! Buy Shaklee 180 Products Online and Save!

Click Here to Start Taking Care of Yourself…it’s the Best Decision You can make for Yourself and Everyone around You! Buy Shaklee 180 Products Online and Save!

Heather’s Weight Loss Story Using Shaklee 180 Products

Heather says... “I’m so thankful that a dear friend introduced me to this amazing Shaklee 180 Diet program!”

Heather… is now 30 Pounds Healthier

Heather's Shaklee 180 Story Before


Prior to starting this Shaklee 180 Program, I was 143 pounds—in a size 8. I am not a tall person, so I was miserable about my weight. My days consisted of endless feelings of fatigue and frustration. The simple act of getting dressed each day was a big hassle that always resulted in my entire wardrobe being thrown all over my bed and me complaining that nothing I owned fit or looked right.

Heathers Shaklee 180 Story After


After getting started on the Shaklee 180 Plan, I noticed a remarkable difference in both my energy level and mood. I didn’t find this program to be difficult; it was simple to follow and really took the guesswork out of my diet plan. Fast forward and I am down to 113 pounds and wearing a size 2! I never dreamed that I could even be that size, especially after having two kids. Now my daily dilemma is what to wear because I have so many options as a result of the newfound confidence I’ve gained. I’m so thankful that a dear friend introduced me to this amazing program! As I approach my 30th birthday, I’m embracing a new era in my life—an era that starts with me feeling better than ever.

*Results not typical. In a preliminary clinical study of the Shaklee 180 Plan, participants on averaged lost 15.4 pounds in 12 weeks.

Click Here to Start Taking Care of Yourself…it’s the Best Decision You can make for Yourself and Everyone around You! Buy Shaklee 180 Products Online and Save!

Click Here to Start Taking Care of Yourself…it’s the Best Decision You can make for Yourself and Everyone around You! Buy Shaklee 180 Products Online and Save!


Zach’s Weight Loss Story with Shaklee 180

Meet Zach…a 5th Grade Elementary Teacher

Shaklee 180 - Zach's Story

Shaklee 180 - Zach's StoryA Typical Day for Zach used to be watching TV without getting any exercise in and he felt totally drained all the time.

Zach felt like if he didn’t make a change, then what kind of example would he be leading for his son and his family? In order to be a healthy dad… Zach decided that he had to lose some weight.

Shaklee 180 - Zach's StoryIt was the best thing Zach could have ever done with his nutrition and for his health. He feels fit, he’s 40lbs lighter, he now feels great and amazing, but most of all, Zach feels like he is one of the most active dads he can be. Of course… Zach loves his kids and would do anything for them… but first he had to take care of Zach and that was the best decision he could make for himself and everyone around him!

Click Here to Start Taking Care of Yourself…it’s the Best Decision You can make for Yourself and Everyone around You! Buy Shaklee 180 Products Online and Save!

Click Here to Start Taking Care of Yourself…it’s the Best Decision You can make for Yourself and Everyone around You! Buy Shaklee 180 Products Online and Save!


Your Shaklee 180 Transformation becomes A Habit, Not A Hobby

Your Shaklee 180 Transformation – A Habit, Not A Hobby

Have you seen the Shaklee 180 Transformation Stories? Contestants from across the country entered to win $10,000 at our 2012 Global Conference in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Edgar Ortiz for winning the grand prize! However, all of the contestants are winners for dropping the extra pounds and becoming healthier!

We’ve also started a new Shaklee 180 Transformation Challenge! 9 Months to Lose the Weight and 9 Months to Keep it off. Get started here!

Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit

Maybe you’re thinking your story could be next, and you believe you can do it. I bet you are excited!

Then, maybe, reality hits you. You realize it isn’t always fun to drink a Shaklee 180 Meal Shake while your family enjoys pancakes on Saturday morning. Or, maybe, getting up early to squeeze in some exercise while everyone else sleeps in is tougher than you thought.

And, it’s so tempting to enjoy the birthday cake passed around at the office. You don’t want to be anti-social, after all.

Your commitment to getting healthy isn’t always going to be fun or easy. It is a choice, and one that you make each day, and with each meal.

The results, however, are worth it if you can see the commitment through!

Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

The point is you have to get to the point where you make your new Shaklee 180 lifestyle a HABIT, not a HOBBY.

Below are commitments that you can make over the next 30 days to really follow through on your Shaklee 180 transformation:

  1. To make a habit stick, try repeating it 16-21 times. Even better, repeat it every day for 30 days.
  2. Consistently stick with your choice to lose weight with Shaklee 180.
  3. Write down what you eat daily in a journal.
  4. Replace two meals a day with Shaklee 180.
  5. Commit to walking a mile a day, on average.

So, what could you get out of all of this? How about feeling better, being healthier, saving money, having boundless amounts of energy, and a slimmer waistline!

Develop good habits these next 30 days. They will be the foundation for your personal, long-term healthy transformation.

Here’s to good habits!

Shaklee 180 Laura EvansLaura Evans
Senior Vice President, Sales and Field Development

Shaklee Corporation





Shaklee 180 | Shaklee 180 Diet | Shaklee 180 Program | Shaklee 180 Weight Loss

Shaklee 180 Diet

What is Shaklee 180?

Shaklee 180 Transformation KitShaklee 180 is the revolutionary new weight loss program from Shaklee Corporation that allows you to safely and easily lose weight and keep it off for good! So many diets promise to help you to lose weight but fall short! Did you know that the average American diets 4 times a year? Why are we jumping on and off these diets so much? The answer is that we lack a simple, affordable program that takes us from start to finish and helps us to maintain a healthy weight.

Member Benefits:

Shaklee 180 Member BenefitsYes, you get options! The Shaklee 180 system comes a range of benefits. You get a system that is designed with simpler choices to get started right away. Not only are they simpler, you can now also customize the items with different flavors that fit your needs and taste! Isn’t that fantastic? Also, not to mention, when you join the Shaklee 180 weight management system, for a limited time, you become a Shaklee Member absolutely FREE!

Not only will you enjoy your new leaner, healthier life, you will also automatically be able to Shakleeize the rest of your life with a 15%-20% savings on all the other great products that Shaklee has! Is that enough? Not as far as Shaklee is concerned. Order the Shaklee 180 System and get upgraded to Expedited Shipping for FREE!

Did you think you were just going to join a weight management system and be left on your own?

Shaklee 180With the Shaklee 180 System, you’ve got a lot more coming your way in addition to the lost pounds!  You + 3 = Free!

Yes, that’s right. Become a member with the Shaklee 180 weight management system for a natural, healthier life, and get three of your friends or family to join you, and yours is FREE! Whenever someone starts a new diet, its just natural that they are going to mention it to their friends or family, whether through direct conversation or on social networking sites like Face book or Twitter. When your friends and family see the transformation your going through, and the healthier life your living, with increased energy and motivation, they are definitely going to want to get a piece of the action. Join them with you, and build your support group, and in addition to your weight loss and healthier life, you will have that extra motivation knowing that in addition to your weight loss, your doing it all for

Shaklee 180 KitThe weight loss game will be changed forever. Are you ready to lose that fat for good? Order your Shaklee 180 Kit today and Lose the Weight by Summer 2013!

As with Every other Shaklee Product, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed or your money back.


Start your Shaklee 180 Turnaround today and hit the ground running!

You’re Invited to Try Shaklee 180

You’re Invited to Try Shaklee 180

Shaklee 180 | Tasha Starr Success Weight Loss Story

Shaklee 180 StoryAt 5’4″ and 220 pounds, mother of two Tasha Starr was unhealthy and unhappy. But an inspiring quote gave her the spark she needed to begin her Shaklee 180 journey and now 95 pounds lighter*, she’s growing her Shaklee business by inspiring others to choose health!

‘This is not about getting beautiful, you already are. This is about getting healthy.’

At 5’4″ and 220 pounds, I knew I wasn’t healthy.

After having two kids 16 months apart, I fell into a mindset that gave me permission to stop caring about myself. I believed the lies that it didn’t matter what I ate or how I looked because a woman’s body changes after delivering eights pounds of screaming bliss into the world…twice. I knew my husband loved me, no matter how I looked, and I started to believe that was good enough. I lived to eat and consequently felt like crap — no energy, no self-confidence and even less motivation. I’d stay in my pajamas all day. I struggled with envy and jealousy towards thinner moms. It was not a healthy state of being, physically or emotionally.

Shaklee 180 StoryWhen I read that quote above, something in me just said “GO FOR IT!” I didn’t second-guess the purchase. I knew I had to do Shaklee 180, and I am so glad I did. In 10 months of sticking to the program, I lost 80 pounds.* After a bit of a plateau, I’m happy to report I’ve continued my journey and have now lost a total of 95 pounds and nine inches around my waist!* Above all, I know I am healthy! Now I eat to live and as a result I feel alive — energetic, inspired and motivated to help others.

My Shaklee 180 story started with me alone and “ends”  though it will never be over – with a healthier husband, children, friends, family and way beyond. As I share my story with others and grow my Shaklee business, I know how many lives we can touch simply by working hard, choosing Shaklee 180, and having a little determination!

Buy Shaklee 180 Products Online

Buy Shaklee 180 Products Online

*Results not typical. In a preliminary study of the Cinch Inch Loss Plan, participants on average lost 15.4 pounds and 6.6 inches over 12 weeks. Tasha is a Shaklee Distributor.

Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit

Jacqui McCoy’s Weight Loss Story with Shaklee 180

Jacqui McCoy of Shaklee Makes History on Extreme Makeover!

Shaklee 180 Jacqui McCoyShaklee Associate Jacqui McCoy achieved an incredible transformation on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition!

• Lost 207 pounds in one year
• Worked off 58% of her body weight (highest percentage lost in TV history)
• Joined the Extreme Makeover team to coach Season 3 contestants

Jacqui’s diet and fitness regimen was prescribed by her coaches on Extreme Makeover. Jacqui also is a passionate advocate for Shaklee Products, and her nutritional needs have been supported by her use of Shaklee Nutrition products, including Shaklee Vitalizer™ and OmegaGuard®

“Growing up as a Shaklee kid, I took for granted how blessed I was to have a mom who was giving me the best nutritional products on the market. When I started this journey to take charge of my weight and life, I knew getting proper nutrition would be more important than ever. Using Shaklee Products kept me healthy and thriving during the hardest and most rewarding year of my life. I fell in love with Shaklee in a whole new way as I saw how it worked with my body as I underwent these drastic changes. Shaklee will always have a place in my life and my story.” — Jacqui McCoy

Order Shaklee 180 Products Online

Order Shaklee 180 Products Online