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Shaklee Cinch Product Reviews

Shaklee Cinch Review

Jump Start your Weight Loss goals with Cinch by Shaklee. I have to be honest… when I first heard about Shaklee, I thought they were just a Top-Notch Vitamin Company. After doing some of my own research and attending a Shaklee Meeting here in Buffalo, NY to kick off the New Year. I learned that Shaklee is much more than an exclusive health and wellness company.

Shaklee has an awesome weight loss program called Cinch that really was my deciding factor to become a Shaklee Distributor, but besides the Vitamins and Supplements that I already knew about and the Cinch Weight Loss Products… they also offer a Get Clean line of products for your home which are all-natural, safe, effective and environmentally safe cleaning products and water filtration pitchers for filtered tap water, plus Shaklee offers a whole line of Skin Care and Beauty products free of toxins… everything from facial cleaners to moisturizers to sun tan lotion and a product line that I’ve seen never seen offered by any company is their whole Baby Care Line of products from nutritional products to diaper cream. Click Here to see all the Shaklee Products

Shaklee carries over 200 products, and there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to lose weight, live healthier, look younger, have more energy, help the environment and more. For me… it was the Cinch Diet Program that interested me the most. I was ready to lose some weight and other diets I tried either didn’t work or left me cranky and tired and I quit them. After trying out the Cinch Products for just one month… I WAS SOLD!!!

I personally lost 13 pounds my first month and I reached my goal weight and lost a total of 24 pounds after 3 months. I continue to take the Cinch Products to help maintain my weight. The reality of the Cinch Shakes is that they are Meal Replacement Shakes. The Shakes have everything your body needs nutrition wise. I don’t have to go to the grocery store and find all the right foods to eat for breakfast or lunch for a well-balanced, nutritional plate… all I have to do is mix up one delicious shake and I get all that. The Cinch Shakes are all natural and safe ingredients too… none of those controversial drugs or herbs that are dangerous and unsafe.

With the Cinch products… you’ll have more energy, you won’t be hungry and crave junk food, you will be healthier, you won’t be cranky and you will see results if you stick with the program. Obviously, you do need to want to lose weight and you will have to have will power to cut out that Latte at Starbucks, skip the Buttery Popcorn at the Movie Theater, and not have that bowl of Cookie Dough Ice Cream while you watch American Idol. Of course… if you can sneak in some exercise, the Cinch Program will work even faster. Zumba is awesome, but a couple laps around the mall or a 20 minute walk with your dog is all you really need. I put a video up with Dr OZ and Shaun T doing a 15-minute Insanity Workout. Do that everyday with Cinch and Watch the Pounds Drop! It’s called Insanity for a good reason… It’s an Insane Workout! Click Here to watch and exercise with Dr Oz and Shaun T Insanity Workout

About Shaklee:

“Our mission at Shaklee is to provide a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone. We do it by making natural products that are so exceptional, you just have to tell your friends. Every product that goes into every Shaklee bottle is designed to improve health, work without compromise, and be gentle on the planet.”



OK… so let’s get to the reason why you are here:

Shaklee Cinch Product Reviews

Cinch Shakes

Shaklee Cinch Shakes

Cinch Shakes make a Perfect Meal. They not only taste GREAT, but with the protein to help control hunger and help you feel full and the Leucine to help you burn the fat you don’t want and keep the muscle you do want… it doesn’t get any better, but let’s Skip to the good part:

Cinch Shakes are anything but plain and boring. With tons of protein so you feel full. Leucine so you don’t lose muscle. And a creamy flavor so you don’t lose your will. You get all the benefits of a meal. Except it tastes like dessert. Add your favorite fruit for delicious and healthy smoothies everyday and Lose Weight while you enjoy your Shakes.

Cinch Shakes are delicious, healthy, and satisfying meals at home or on-the-go. Powered by Leucine to help preserve muscle while you lose weight. With 24 grams of protein to help control hunger and help you feel full. Cinch Shakes come in 4 Soy Protein Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Latte, They also offer Whey Protein Vanilla Shakes for those that can not tolerate soy. Click Here to Learn More about Cinch Shakes and to Buy Cinch Shakes Online.

Cinch Meal Bars

Cinch Meal Bars

The Cinch Meal Bars come in 2 Flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Blueberry Almond Crisp. I am on the go quite a bit and sometimes I simply forget to eat breakfast or lunch, so the Cinch Meal Bars are the perfect solution… I always carry a box in the car everywhere I go. Not only are they my breakfast or lunch when I’m crunched for time, but they are my emergency kit if needed. I live in Buffalo, NY and you never know when a winter snow storm sneaks in and you get stranded on the thruway for hours and hours. With one Meal Bar, I get the same nutrition as I would if I were eating a complete nutritious home-cooked meal. I am surprised how full I feel after eating 1 meal bar which is not very big at all… I mean looking at it, there is no way you could think that little Cinch Meal Bar is going to replace an entire meal. I also found I had a ton of energy and I was not feeling hungry a couple hours later like I usually do when I eat regular food.

Cinch Meal Bars are a convenient, complete meal-in-a-bar with 20 grams of protein. No… you’re not dreaming. They are real and they are good for you. You’ll feel full, thanks to protein, and hang on to your muscle, thanks to Leucine. Hungry no more. Cinch Meal Bars are delicious, healthy, and a satisfying meal at home or on-the-go, powered by Leucine to help preserve muscle while you lose weight with 20 grams of protein to help control hunger and help you feel full and the Meal Bars are Low glycemic too. Click Here to Learn More about Cinch Meal Bars and to Buy Cinch Meal Bars Online.

Cinch Energy Tea

Shaklee Cinch Energy Tea

Now I am a Tea Fanatic and always have been. I have a hard time getting up in the morning after a late night of work or after a crazy day of running around college or with my friends. My boyfriend is always asking if I want some coffee but I have never been one for the flavor of coffee unless it is loaded with cream and sugar which is worse than eating a piece of chocolate cake! But a cup of Hot Tea I can drink straight plain after dinner and an Iced Cold Tea during a Hot Summer Day is to die for! The Cinch Energy Tea comes in 2 Flavors: Pomegranate and Unsweetened. I have to be totally honest… I’m not a fan of the Cinch Pomegranate Tea, but I’m not a fan of any flavored tea, I just like plain ole tea. I definitely felt a boost of energy with none of the drag drinking the Cinch Energy Tea.
You can drink the Cinch Tea Hot or Cold and it’s really a total choice of preference whether you like flavored tea or plain tea. The Cinch Tea consists of exotic white, red, and Matcha green teas and are delicately harvested and blended to create this extraordinary drink. It’ll give you a natural energy lift and a feeling of well-being. Call it a healthy kick in the looser-fitting pants : ) The Tea is Gluten free. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives added. Unsweetened Cinch Tea is only 5 Calories per cup and the Pomegranate Tea is only 15 Calories per cup… drinking either Cinch Tea is way better than drinking a soda or coffee with cream and sugar! Click Here to Learn More about Cinch Energy Tea and to Buy Cinch Energy Tea Online.

Cinch 3-in-1 Boost

Shaklee Cinch 3-in-1 Boost

The Cinch 3-in-1 Boost are supplements that you take with every meal and it helps to boost your metabolism, maintain your normal blood sugar level and is a daily multivitamin. Honestly, I do not take the 3-1 Boost with every meal as suggested, but I have been taking one with my Cinch Shakes for Breakfast and Lunch. I have noticed a boost throughout the day. I did notice that when I forget to take the 3-1 Boost… I do tend to feel cravings more and hungrier faster. But when I do take the 3-1 Boost… I find that there are days when I actually forget to eat lunch! That’s not usual for me… when noon comes, my body usually says: “hey, go eat something”, and now I look at the clock and it says 1:30pm and I say: “hey, I forgot to eat lunch”.

Like I mentioned: the Cinch 3-1 Boost helps metabolism and also helps keep your blood sugar steady. The 3-1 Boost also helps you get the vitamins and minerals you need. So the question is: “can the ingredients in these little 3-1 Boost tablets solve all your problems?” The answer is: “not really… but they can solve three of them for you.”  Click Here to Learn More about Cinch 3-1 Boost and to Buy Cinch 3-1 Boost Online.

Cinch Snack Bars

Cinch Snack Bars

The Cinch Snack Bars are vital when you’re trying to Lose Weight! Ever go on a diet and you have 2 hours to go before your next meal and you’re starving? What do you do? If you’re like me… you grab anything you can find… that piece of left over cake, a cookie in the cookie jar, your girl scout cookies you have been saving for when friends come over, but it’s usually not that help piece of fruit or the tiny cup of yogurt in the frig is it? Well, if you have the Cinch Snack Bars on hand and you know you’re allowed to eat one in between meals if you have to, you’re all set and you’re body will thank you.

The Cinch Snack Bars come in 3 Yummy Flavors: Chocolate, Peanut Butter and a Delicious Lemon Cranberry or if you’re like me and can’t decide… you can get a box of Assorted Cinch Snack Bars.

Cinch Snack Bars are a A delicious treat with 10 grams of protein and three grams of fiber. Ten grams of protein to help control hunger and help you feel full with only 120 calories. Powered by Leucine to help preserve muscle while you lose weight. Cinch Snack Bars are a delicious, indulgent treat with no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors, no trans fats and low glycemic. Click Here to Learn More about Cinch Snack Bars and to Buy Cinch Snack Bars Online.

OK… that is my Review of all the Shaklee Cinch Products. What do you think? If you’re like me… you said it all sounds great… but do the Cinch Products actually work? That’s a fair question and I asked the same question too. So what you need to see is proof from people who have lost anywhere from 10 pound to over 100 pounds right? Ok, then click here to see the Cinch Success Stories.

Pretty Cool Right? Sylvia lost 23 lbs, Soledad lost 91 lbs, Debbie lost 83 lbs, Melissa lost 65 lbs and the list goes on and on and the before and after pictures are just amazing! It’s working for me and I know it can work for you. I’ve tried every diet out there and yea… some worked a little bit, but none worked as good as the Cinch Weight Loss Program.

OK… so now the question is how much does all this cost? Another great question. First let me ask you what you pay for Breakfast and Lunch now? Even if you’re jumping in the McDonalds Drive-thru and getting a Muffin Sandwich and a coffee… you’re probably talking at least $5 right? How about lunch? Subway $5 footlong and a bottle of water… $6-$7 dollar right? Well, you can do the Shaklee Cinch Program for about $7.50/day… what’s that per meal? About $3.75 right? So for less than you already spend at McDonalds and Subway everyday, you can start doing the Cinch Diet Plan. At the end of the month you can actually save a few bucks to buy new clothes for the new you!

So here’s the deal… there are many options to do the Cinch Diet Program. Obviously you can just by a few of the Cinch Products and design your own plan.

Another Option would be to take advantage of a Limited Time Offer that Shaklee is offering right now. It’s a Free Cinch Sampler Pack. This pack is just what it says: a sampling of all the Cinch Products and yes, it is free when you purchase $70 of any of the Shaklee Products. You can buy anything you want, even more Cinch Products, but this is what I recommend if you’re going for the Free Cinch Sampler Pack. If it was me… I would buy a Vitalizer Pack (this is a 30-day supply of Shaklee’s best vitamins). When you buy a Vitalizer Pack, you get a Free Shaklee Membership ($19.95 value) and as a Shaklee Member you get 15% off on future purchases which will save you money when you need to re-order Cinch Products. Once you purchase the Vitalizer Pack, you will automatically get the FREE Cinch Sampler Pack added to your cart. I’m not sure how long this offer will last, so don’t wait on this one.

The other offer that Shaklee is running right now is when You Buy the Shaklee Cinch Complete Weight Loss Program for 3 Months… you get the 4th Month for FREE. This is everything you need for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Tea, the 3-1 Boost, everything for 30-days or one-month. This pack costs $299/month and if you buy it for 3 months in a row, you get the fourth month for free. (a $299 savings) This is also the plan where I figured the daily cost of the Cinch Products. You get 120 days of Cinch for $900 or $7.50/day. Remember, this is already money you spend on Breakfast and Lunch already, it’s not like you’re paying any extra in the long run. Click Here to Learn more about the Cinch Transformation Pack and how to get the buy 3, get one free special.

Cinch Product Review Summary

I don’t like telling people what they need to do. I like to show people what I discovered and let them decide if it’s right for them. I’m not a doctor or a nutrition expert nor do I know this diet will work for you as well as it does for others. So I provided a pretty thorough review of the Shaklee Cinch Diet Products and I share some success stories and I gave you some options on how to buy the products… now the ball is in your court. Are you ready to lose weight? Does this plan sound easy enough for you to follow? Are you going to stick with it till you see results? Are You going to be excited to tell others about Cinch Products when they start asking how you lost the weight? These are all question you have to ask yourself and make your decision from there.

Thanks again for reading my Cinch Review and Best Wishes on Your Journey to a Healthier and Thinner You!!!

Kaetlin O’Brien
Cinch Website

Look me up on Facebook and Ask me any Questions you may have!

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